Lost and Found Fungi – What to look for in February

The Kew Lost and Found project has produced all sorts of exciting finds. The project website includes a summary of species to look for each month and the February one can be viewed here.

Another thing that could be done is re-examine any dried specimens of Entoloma bloxamii, one of the target species. Entoloma bloxamii has been split into 4 species – E.bloxamii, E.madidum, E.ochreoprunuloides forma hyacinthinum and E.atromadidum as described in Field Mycology last year. Following this, two of my records, one from Donegal and Clear Island were redetermined as E.madidum. We are bound to have it in Northern Ireland and spore size can help separate it from E.bloxamii. One of my finds from Wales was also determined by Kew as E.atromadidum. 

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