Includes results of the 2002 and 2003 surveys

Earth Tongues Clavariod fungi Clavariod fungi Waxcaps (Hygrocybe)

The best sites found in the 2002-03 survey

These scores are from the survey only. If the score is different in the all Ireland table, it is because the site has been visited on different occasions.




Agnew's Hill Antrim 30
Altnahinch Burn, Altnahinch Dam Antrim 29
Knockiveagh Hill, 4km N of Rathfriland Down 28
East Torr Td, nr Torr Head Antrim 28
Cushleake Mountain North Td. Antrim 27
Silent Valley, Mourne Mountains Down 25
Harphall Td, Carnlough Antrim 24
Slievenanee, Newtown-Crommelin Antrim 24
Rashee Cemetary, Five Corners, Ballyclare Antrim 23
Galboly Lower Td., Garron Plateau Antrim 23
Ballynahavla Bridge, Binvore Burn Antrim 22
St. Joseph's Church (RC), Dunloy Antrim 22
Temain Hil, S of Cam Forest Londonderry 20
Brackagh Slieve Gallion Td. Tyrone 19
Sallagh Braes Antrim 18
Skeagh Hill Antrim 18

Agnews Hill

The best sites in terms of numbers of Hygrocybe alone (one visit)

Site County No. species
East Torr Td, nr Torr Head Antrim 15
Cushleake Mountain North Td. Antrim 15
Harphall Td, Carnlough Antrim 15
Altnahinch Burn, Altnahinch Dam Antrim 14
Galboly Lower Td., Garron Plateau Antrim 14
Knockiveagh Hill, 4km N of Rathfriland Down 14
Rashee Cemetary, Five Corners, Ballyclare Antrim 14
Silent Valley, Mourne Mountains Down 13
Ballynahavla Bridge, Binvore Burn Antrim 13
Brackagh Slieve Gallion Td. Tyrone 13
Carnmoney Cemetery Antrim 13
Sallagh Braes Antrim 13
Agnew's Hill Antrim 12
Duffs Hill, North East Division Td. Antrim 11
Slievenanee, Newtown-Crommelin Antrim 11
City Cemetery, Falls Road, Turf Lodge Antrim 11
Gortnagory ASSI Antrim 11
Drummuck Londonderry 11
Skernaghan Point (National Trust) Antrim 10
Temain Hil, S of Cam Forest Londonderry 10
Black Hill, Cavanakill Td. Armagh 10
Skeagh Hill Antrim 10
North Woodburn Reservoir, Woodburn Forest Antrim 10
Slieve Roe, Mourne Mountains Down 10

The first year of the EHS Waxcap Survey of Northern Ireland struggled with the poor year, but still some good finds were made. Hygrocybe laeta var. flava, Entoloma cyaneoviridescens, the purple Paecilomyces marquandii on the gills of Hygrocybe virginea, Clavaria flavipes and Conocybe pubescens were all new records to Ireland found by Liz Holden.

The second year was also a poor year for Waxcaps, but more good sites were found probably reflecting the quality of the areas searched with the Antrim coast and glens and the uplands of the Sperrins and north Derry being targeted. Despite the poor fruiting season, there were a number of 12 Irish records (at least no other Irish records are listed for these species in the BMSFRD) and there are another 10 species new to Northern Ireland. Liz Holden found Camarophyllopsis schulzeri on the slopes of Knocklayd near Ballycastle, Dermoloma pseudocuneifolium near Torr Head, Entoloma ochromicaceum at White Park Bay and Entoloma nigroviolaceum at Knocklayd and White Park Bay. Richard King found Clavaria tenuipes at Ballynahavla Bridge near Slieveanorra and the strange Squamanita paradoxa parasitising Cystoderma sp. near Altnahinch Dam. Shelley Evans and Peter Roberts spectacularly found Hygrocybe phaeococcinea at the White Rocks near Portrush and also (some during diversions into nearby woods) Colacogloea peniophorae and Hyphoderma cryptocallimon at Keady Mountain, Hyphodontia detritica at Dowhill Forest and Sistotremastrum niveocremeum and Tulasnella deliquescens in Ervey Wood ASSI. 

Species new to Northern Ireland include Cortinarius huronensis (Shelley Evans at New Buildings, Co.Londonderry), Entoloma excentricum (Liz Holden at Ballynahavla Bridge), Entoloma rhombisporum (Liz Holden near Torr Head), Entoloma pseudoturci (Liz Holden at Knocklayd), Entoloma hirtipes and Entoloma hispidulum (Roy Anderson at Barony Bridge, Tyrone), Entoloma longistriatum (both Liz Holden at Drumtullagh Church in Carrowreagh townland and Roy Anderson at Tirkane near Swatragh), Gamundia striatula (Liz Holden at St. Patrick's Church, Kilrea), Microdiscula phragmitis (Peter Roberts at Donnybrewer Level (Intake) Townland) and Omphalina galericolor var. lilacinicolor (Peter Roberts at the Pot Quarry, Ballyness Townland near Limavady).

One of the hopes of this survey is that it will generate enough data to have more confidence in the species scoring system proposed for site assessment in Ireland. To this end, the list of species of Hygrocybe ranked in terms of the number of 10km squares that they have been recorded from is interesting. There are 186 10km squares in Northern Ireland to get a feel for the abundances of these species. 

Species No. 10km Squares
Hygrocybe virginea 126
Hygrocybe psittacina 110
Hygrocybe conica 106
Hygrocybe coccinea 95
Hygrocybe insipida 89
Hygrocybe pratensis 88
Hygrocybe chlorophana 81
Hygrocybe russocoriacea 68
Hygrocybe reidii 67
Hygrocybe quieta 64
Hygrocybe ceracea 58
Hygrocybe punicea 50
Hygrocybe laeta 44
Hygrocybe irrigata 43
Hygrocybe fornicata 37
Hygrocybe miniata 37
Hygrocybe cantharellus 33
Hygrocybe persistens 33
Hygrocybe calyptriformis 30
Hygrocybe glutinipes 24
Hygrocybe mucronella 22
Hygrocybe aurantiosplendens 20
Hygrocybe splendidissima 16
Hygrocybe flavipes 14
Hygrocybe colemanniana 13
Hygrocybe nitrata 13
Hygrocybe berkeleyi 12
Hygrocybe citrinovirens 11
Hygrocybe intermedia 11
Hygrocybe helobia 9
Hygrocybe vitellina 8
Hygrocybe calciphila 4
Hygrocybe coccineocrenata 3
Hygrocybe citrinopallida 2
Hygrocybe lacma 2
Hygrocybe ovina 2
Hygrocybe phaeococcinea 1
Hygrocybe substrangulata 1
Hygrocybe xanthochroa 1


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