Distribution Maps for Grassland Fungi in Wales

Maps last updated 21/03/2008

These maps display the distribution within Wales of the grassland fungi groups that are good indicators of grasslands of conservation interest. These include the Waxcaps (genus Hygrocybe), the Fairy Clubs (family Clavariaceae), the Earth Tongues (family Geoglossaceae), the Pink Gills (genus Entoloma) and a selected group of other species also occurring in grassland sites of mycological interest.

The data that drives these maps is derived from a dataset created by Shelley Evans and Liz Holden for the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) of all known grassland fungi records in Wales up to 2003, the CCW Grassland Fungi Survey 2003-05 and other miscellaneous records. If you have records that could add to this dataset, please fill in this online recording form to submit the records 

All maps are created using DMap. The circles represent 10km squares.