We are a voluntary group whose aim is to promote the conservation of and interest in Fungi in Northern Ireland.   






Delve into this website and learn a bit more about the diverse and fascinating world of fungi and then join us on a foray. Our forays are open to all - everyone is welcome. 

This website will tell you about the following aspects of our group and issues in mycology in Northern Ireland :

LATEST: Foray Date Change: Argory September 2nd and Cairndaisy Glen September 9th

NIFG Newsletter 2017, Foray List 2017,  Joining form and recording form working again, Waxcap Site list and Irish map updated,  

This website was designed by David Mitchel as part of a Natural Pioneers Millennium Award Project. A grant from the British Mycological Society in 2001 has enabled us to purchase an Epson Perfection 2450 Photo Scanner which is an excellent flatbed scanner that has an attachment in the lid for scanning slides. This scanner will allow us to include a lot more photographs on this site so keep watching! We must also thank the Museum and Galleries of Northern Ireland (MAGNI) for funding our move to a paid webhost, Fasthosts. 

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To contact us about anything raised on this website, please e-mail us at


Macrotyphula fistulosa  Copyright: Mark Wright

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