Phylum: Basidiomycota Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Agaricales Family: Hydnangiaceae
Species: Laccaria laccata (Scop.) Cooke
Synonyms: Agaricus amethysteus
Agaricus farinaceus
Agaricus incanus
Agaricus laccatus
Agaricus rosellus
Clitocybe laccata
Clitocybe laccata var. pallidifolia
Laccaria affinis
Laccaria affinis var. affinis
Laccaria affinis var. anglica
Laccaria amethystea
Laccaria laccata var. affinis
Laccaria laccata var. amethystea
Laccaria laccata var. anglica
Laccaria laccata var. moelleri
Laccaria laccata var. pallidifolia
Laccaria laccata var. subalpina
Laccaria scotica
Laccaria tetraspora var. scotica
Omphalia amethystea
Omphalia amethystea incana
Omphalia farinacea
Common Name: Deceiver

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Laccaria laccataPhotographer:  David Mitchel
Photographer: David Mitchel

Photographer:  Mark Wright Photographer:  David Mitchel
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Associated Species (where recorded) & number of records:
Fagus sylvatica (52)
Corylus avellana (26)
Quercus (21)
Beech (10)
Betula pubescens (9)
Betula (7)
Picea abies (6)
Picea sitchensis (5)
Pinus contorta (5)
Quercus petraea (5)
Betula pendula (5)
Calluna vulgaris (3)
Alnus glutinosa (3)
Pinus (3)
Quercus robur (3)
Tilia cordata x platyphyllos (3)
Fraxinus excelsior (2)
Pinus sylvestris (2)
Tilia (2)
Salix (2)
Prunus laurocerasus (1)
Betula jacquemontii (1)
Larix decidua (1)
Picea (1)
Pinus nigra (1)
Poa (1)
Abies alba (1)
Pseudotsuga menziesii (1)
Salix herbacea (1)
Tilia x europaea (1)
Habitat (where recorded) & number of records:
Woodland: broadleaved, semi-natural (64)
Woodland: mixed (26)
Woodland (21)
Woodland: coniferous, plantation (21)
Parkland and scattered trees (20)
Neutral grassland: semi-improved (19)
Woodland: broadleaved (19)
Built up area, domestic (9)
Woodland: mixed, plantation (8)
Woodland: mixed, semi-natural (5)
Montane heath/dwarf forb (4)
Woodland: plantation (4)
Boundaries: hedge with trees, species-rich (3)
Marsh/marshy grassland (3)
Parkland and scattered trees: mixed (3)
Scrub (3)
Woodland: mixed, plantation, high forest (3)
Acid grassland (2)
Acid grassland: semi-improved (2)
Bog (2)
Grassland: acidic, unimproved, lowland (2)
Heathland: wet dwarf shrub heath, upland (2)
Poor semi-improved (2)
Acid grassland: unimproved (1)
Boundaries: defunct hedge (1)
Built-up areas (1)
Calcareous grassland (1)
Cynosurus cristatus-Centaurea nigra grassland (1)
Fen (1)
Grassland and marsh (1)
Grassland: calcareous, semi-improved, upland (1)
Holcus lanatus-Juncus effusus rush-pasture (1)
Improved grassland (1)
Marginal/inundation: marginal (1)
Mire: blanket bog (1)
Mire: lowland raised bog (1)
Neutral grassland (1)
Neutral grassland: unimproved (1)
Woodland and scrub (1)
Woodland: broadleaved, plantation (1)
Woodland: broadleaved, plantation, high forest (1)
Woodland: coniferous (1)
Substrate (where recorded) & number of records:
Soil (85)
Soil Leaves (63)
Soil Grassy (32)
Soil Mossy (25)
Leaf Litter (14)
Soil Needle (13)
Litter (9)
Larch (Larix) (7)
Soil Peat (4)
Mossy Peat (3)
Dead Wood (1)
Mossy Bark (1)
Quercus rubra (1)
Months recorded in & number of records:
January (2)
March (10)
June (1)
July (12)
August (37)
September (92)
October (158)
November (34)
December (1)