Phylum: Basidiomycota Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Polyporales Family: Fomitopsidaceae
Species: Postia caesia (Schrad.) P. Karst.
Synonyms: Boletus caesius
Leptoporus caesius
Oligoporus caesius
Polyporus caesius
Tyromyces caesius
Common Name: Conifer Blueing Bracket

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Postia caesiaPhotographer:  Mark Wright
Photographer: Mark Wright

Photographer:  Ronnie Irvine
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Associated Species (where recorded) & number of records:
Picea (3)
Picea sitchensis (3)
Larix (3)
Pinus sylvestris (2)
Acanthaceae (2)
Picea abies (2)
Fagus sylvatica (1)
Coniferophyta (1)
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana (1)
Habitat (where recorded) & number of records:
Woodland: mixed (6)
Woodland: coniferous (3)
Woodland: coniferous, plantation (3)
Marsh/marshy grassland (1)
Recently felled woodland: coniferous (1)
Woodland (1)
Woodland: mixed, semi-natural (1)
Substrate (where recorded) & number of records:
Acer pseudoplatanus (4)
Log (4)
Fallen Tree (3)
Dead Sapling (2)
Fallen log (2)
Tree (2)
wood (2)
Dead Branch (1)
dead coniferous wood (1)
Dead Wood (1)
Quercus rubra (1)
Rotting Wood (1)
Soil Mossy (1)
Months recorded in & number of records:
July (1)
August (2)
September (11)
October (13)
November (4)
December (1)