The first download that we are offering here is a list of all the species of fungi recorded in Northern Ireland. It is a comma delimited text file which makes it easy to import into most spreadsheets or word processing packages. For download speed, it has been zipped using WinZip.

NIFG Newsletter 2017

North Kerry Waxcap Survey 2012

Kerry Fungi Checklist 

West Donegal Waxcap Survey Addendum 2011

West Galway Waxcap Survey 2010

Galway Fungi Checklist 

West Donegal Waxcap Survey 2009

West Mayo Waxcap Survey 2008

West Cork Waxcap Survey 2007

Clare Waxcap Survey 2006

Excel fungi recording sheet

NIFG Journal No 8 2004

NI Species List  DOWNLOAD

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